Power Station

We have participated in the overhaul of Banias Power Station Unit 3 & 4 , and are taking care of the maintenance and after sales service of Banias – Jandar -Tishreen -Nassrieh – Sweidieh and Aleppo Power Stations.

Supply of:

  • Control System.
  • DCS System.
  • Air Filters.Valves.
  • Compressor Valves.
  • Transmitters.
  • Spare parts for Turbines and Boilers.

We are representing and since several years many Well-Known Enterprises in the world as:

  • Tomen Corporation/Japan.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries/MHI-Japan( only for the power Stations).
  • Donaldson Air Filter/USA.
  • Honeywell/USA.
  • Smar for Transmitters and Field Buses/Brazil.
  • SKODA-Boilers only/Tscheck Republic.
  • Krazny Kotelschick/Russia.

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