Other Activities

Cement Industries:

a) Shaft Rollers.
b) Hydraulic System.
c) Isolating materials.
d) Fire bricks ( Magnesium – Alumina ).
e) Control System.
f) Firing System.

Food Industries:

a) Mechanical lines for filling mineral water.
b) Mechanical lines for filling Beer ( Alcoholic, non-Alcoholic).

We are representing and since several years many Well-Known Enterprises in the world as:

  • AMS Braereitechnick GmbH/Germany.
  • CEMETEC GmbH/Austria.
  • Donaldson Air Filter / USA.
  • Berndorf Band / Austria.
  • Smar for Transmitters and Field Buses / Brazil.
  • SKODA-Boilers only/Tscheck Republic.
  • B. Meinken / Germany.
  • Tipeco / Germany.
  • Insulcon / Netherland.
  • Neuson / Austria.
  • Voith turbol / Germany.

Hoerbiger Ventilwerke/Austria.

KTC Valves/ France.

MSA for valves /Czech Republic.

Voith for GearBoxes and Couplings Retarder & Automatic Transmissions./ Germany.

Insulcon : Refractory & Ceramic Innovation.

Vogel : Centralized Lubrication System for trucks, Buses or Off-Road Equipment.

Neuson : Building & construction machines.

AMS / Germany-Mineral Water and Beer ( non alcoholic and alcoholic ) filling lines.

Donaldson Air Filter / USA.

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